Virtualization in all its forms — including server, desktop, and application virtualization — is the catalyst for a fundamental shift in the way small to midsize businesses (SMBs) choose, use and manage technology. As the key enabling technology underlying cloud computing, virtualization lays the groundwork for new and exciting ways to consolidate infrastructure, improve resource utilization and streamline administration. This not only allows SMBs to reduce their IT costs but opens the door to a range of solutions that improve mobility, collaboration, and innovation.


Virtualize Your Environment

It wasn’t that long ago that virtualization was considered an enterprise technology that was rarely deployed in SMB IT environments. Businesses of all sizes are now aggressively adopting server virtualization because it allows them to cut hardware costs and operational overhead by eliminating the need to deploy a physical server for each application.

Desktop Virtualization (DaaS)

Desktop virtualization dramatically changes the way SMBs deploy and manage end-user desktops. It enables virtual desktops to be controlled and delivered from your server room, or cloud environment allowing end-users to access their personalized corporate desktops securely from anywhere, anytime, from any internet enabled device. Virtual desktops help boost productivity, enhance network security and maintain compliance while simplifying the process of updating applications, distributing security patches and onboarding new employees.

With our DaaS solutions, we deliver a seamless user experience along with complete security and availability of data. Businesses no longer need to allocate a large budget for their Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). Our VDI solution conveniently reduces hardware and infrastructure costs.

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Application Virtualization

Virtualization not only helps drive down cost across your IT organization, but can also improve availability for applications. Allowing apps to operate across a variety of different devices and operating systems. For instance, app virtualization can extend Windows applications to non-Windows clients such as iOS and Android devices accessible from anywhere. Our technology provides a holistic approach to protecting your IT environment from a variety of factors that can cause application downtime, including unplanned events like a server failure and even planned events, such as server maintenance.

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Option One Technologies (OOT) cloud desktops (DaaS) are designed with performance, security, and compliance. Employees can access their corporate desktops anywhere, anytime, from any internet-enabled device, while organizations maintain the security and control they need – regardless of employee location or endpoint.

Moving desktops to the cloud provide organizations access to an unprecedented level of business data and insights, covering everything from application usage to employee inactivity.

Increased Productivity: Productivity increases and work at home programs are easy to support since the secure, configured desktops are accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device.

High Performance: Our platform is designed to support the needs of large-scale virtual desktop deployments while providing a reliable, scalable, and high-performance end-user experience. Enterprise-grade hardware, SSD flash storage, VDI-optimized compute resources and a low latency network design.

Secured: Designed with multiple layers of enterprise-grade security, which include; Artificial Intelligence Cybersecurity (anti-malware, anti-virus, and behavior-based protection), redundant firewalls, and a high level of control over users, roles, devices and access with Active Directory/Azure AD (Office 365) integration.

Compliant: Achieve & maintain compliance standards. With our highly secured SOC 2 Type II data center partners we help assure that the security technology, processes, and controls in place will keep your business' information secure. Meet financial regulation obligations (SEC, FINRA, etc..), PCI DSS, HIPAA, and others.

Fully Managed: Operating system choice, backups, patch management, updates, and expert support are all included at no additional cost.

IT demands are constant and ongoing. They don’t follow a set schedule. Our 24x7x365 Remote Monitoring, Management, and Support service monitors and safeguards your network during all hours of the day. Option One Technologies offers a high level of SLA with a 99.99% Uptime Guarantee and an Initial Response Time of 30 minutes for any ticket, this is the fastest you can get in any industry.

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