Consulting & Integration

Businesses need to adapt to their evolving market, which consists of informed customers. Without solid IT system integration of the communication channels, enterprise modules, and applications, businesses will have a difficult time responding to opportunities present in the market. Due to this reason, it is prudent for organizations to reserve capital for effective and competent IT system integration services, which maintains their desired metrics.

Regardless of your industry and rising challenges at hand, we will provide you with a bespoke IT system design for you to better position yourself in the market. We will ensure that the solution easily fits into the organizational procedure and work processes. With our IT system installation, firms can accelerate their processes, respond to opportunities faster and drive better performance at the same time.


Trusted Technology Advisor

Experienced Engineers

Our experienced and exceptional IT systems consultants have a clear understanding of the issues and challenges that every firm in the industry faces. With our vast experience, we are better positioned to offer you the necessary professional assistance that allows you to deliver the best value, flexibility and long-term solutions.

Swift Integration & Support

Regardless of the scale of your business, we can help the firm outline, design and implement an IT system plan in a manner, which forms part of their organizational ecosystem. Our sheer weight of expertise is open to every firm.

We don't just help with IT system planning, but also assist you with all aspects of your implementation. This ensures that the newly incorporated system is an extension of your business' resources and not otherwise.

Consultancy Services

As your trusted tech advisor and partner we provide you with customized solutions and talent as a service, whether you require the knowledgeable expertise of a CTO, CIO, Developer or Project Manager.

IT demands are constant and ongoing. They don’t follow a set schedule. Our 24x7x365 Remote Monitoring, Management, and Support service monitors and safeguards your network during all hours of the day. Option One Technologies offers a high level of SLA with a 99.99% Uptime Guarantee and an Initial Response Time of 30 minutes for any ticket, this is the fastest you can get in any industry.
Our highly qualified IT engineers will work towards achieving your business goals. A c-level staff will be assigned to you for consultation. This means a high-level engineer and someone with business acumen will be assigned to work for your business.

Hedge Funds: Given our founders background in the hedge fund and financial industry. We offer our hedge fund clients, IT solutions from a truly unique perspective.

Alternative Investment Funds:

Private Equity Firms:

Family Office:

Asset Managers: To be successful, today’s asset managers must have a technology department that rivals that of banks, with the know how to weave together digital transformation technologies to further its mission and protect investors data against cyber threats.

Highly Regulated Businesses: We understand businesses have technology obligations they need to comply with in order to operate, whether it's regulatory, client or cybersecurity obligations, Option One Technologies has the experts and partners to advise and assist in every area.

Cutting Edge

We’re not trying to figure out what the latest technology is, we’re applying it.

When you partner with us, you partner with a team that’s utilizing the most cutting-edge technology available.

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