Cloud Services

Cloud services are evolving rapidly with newer and seamless solutions. We tackle the rising challenges of on-premise infrastructure head-on by taking advantage of the cloud. We manage and provide Google cloud services, Microsoft Azure cloud services, Amazon cloud services and more, we help you devise a solution that is specific to your needs and goals.

Working in the industry for over 25-years, we bring the best of industry tools, which enhance your operational efficiency and opens up new horizons for growth, cost-cutting, and increased security. We stand behind our sheer weight of expertise. Regardless of a private or public or cloud, we excel in delivering a complete cloud package for our clients. As a result, our knowledge, experience, and the latest technology help businesses keep a competitive edge over others in the market.


Enterprise Cloud Solutions

Public Cloud Services

Public cloud is a public, hyper-scale, multi-tenant platform where computing services can be reserved or rented on demand. These resources are available globally over the internet and allow customers to provision and scale services instantly without the time and CAPEX associated with purchasing dedicated infrastructure. Armed with globally renowned cloud service providers, the likes of which includes Amazon cloud services, Azure cloud services, Google cloud services, and others, we deliver highly specified solutions. Our vast experience in dealing with these market-leading cloud-based platforms gives us a critical edge in devising a smart public cloud strategy.

Private Cloud Services

A private cloud, in contrast, is a single-tenant cloud environment that runs on dedicated infrastructure. This may reside on-premises, in a dedicated off-site data center or with a managed private cloud provider. Where the public cloud is elastic and easily scalable, private cloud is constrained by fixed infrastructure. The advantage of the private cloud is control and exclusivity. It’s yours. There are no neighbors to share hosted resources with. A high level of control, compliance, and security.

Hybrid Cloud Services / Virtual Private Cloud

A Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) or Hybrid Cloud is an option that bridges the two, offering the best of both cloud models. VPC’s function like a private cloud that runs on public or shared infrastructure. How does this work? The VPC isolates one user’s resources from another’s using an individualized, private IP subnet, and is connected by virtualized networks including Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANs) or encrypted channels. Unlike public clouds that serve dynamic environments and all workloads, SAP VPC’s host similar and relatively static workloads. Because this is SAP, most customers access their environment through virtual private networks (VPN). This can reduce risk and exposure from neighbors that typically access their solutions over the public internet. Benefits of a hybrid cloud include:

Managed Cloud Services

We've already mastered AWS, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, and all the leading providers so you don't have to. Talk to us today and let us know about your business needs. We will promptly follow-up with a well-thought-out plan.

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Innovative Solutions

With an innovation first approach, we bring together the right mix of software, services, capabilities and experts to solve your business needs.

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