The deep industry knowledge you want,
the service and support you need.

Option One knows financial services and FinTech. We're more than IT, cloud and security experts—we're finance industry insiders with deep understanding of your unique business needs.

We build relationships,
not call centers.

Engange your own dedicated team of engineers, no call centers required. Unlike other managed service providers, one of our capable engineers is always available - within reach and ready to assist.

Your technology partner,
for the long haul.

Our engineers work closely with you to develop custom solutions, purpose built for your business. Then, we help you scale with IT solutions that put your business sucess and security at the forefront.


Explore Our Solutions

Scale your business safely, rapidly, and strategically with cloud-native technologies, custom-built to protect your assets, empower your workforce, support your client experiences, and more.

Next-Gen Cybersecurity

Using sophisticated algorithims, AI systems are trained to detect malware and malicious behaviors before it enters the system.

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Remote Solutions

Cloud applications and Virtual Desktops enables centralized security, flexibility and productivity for remote workers.

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Enterprise cloud Phone system and E-mail solutions.

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Big Data

Run large datasets and models on high-performing systems. Run Python, MATLAB, and others as a remote app in your enviorement.

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Manage visualize, and scale your technology,
and IT operations in a single digital enviorenment.

Next-generation security built into the ecosystem of our products.


Total management and oversight of your IT stack and operations


Configurable managed or self-service virtual desktops


Instant access to applications from anywhere


Secure virtual private cloud (VPC) in isolated private networks


Leading managed databases hosted on Kubernetes


Blockchain infrastructure for crypto, investments, and more

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